Ragnar lying down in her 'cat-cave'

To the bat cave!

Ragnar settling in to her cat-cave!

Ragnar looking out the window at some birds


Ragnar observing some local birds in the forest.

Ragnar looking out the window

Over the should

Raggy looking at passers by

Ragnar lying down on her perch with her eyes open.

I Wonder...

Ragnar wonders what humans do when she sleeps…

Ragnar siting on her cat tree

Queen of the Castle

Ragnar reminding us that we are the dirty rascals.

Ragnar siting on a mattress with a harness and lease

Quick 20 minute adventure

Ragnar ready to leave on the last day at the first year flat

Ragnar looking back at the camera


Ragnar questioning what could be so important to disturb her day-time television

Ragnar sleeping on the sofa

All tucked in

Ragnar having a big snooze after helping move all the stuff into the new flat

Ragnar looking down from her cat tree

My loyal subjects

Raggy passing her decree down to us, her subjects.

Raggy figuring out her to get a treat out from her puzzle board

Raggy-ana Jones

Raggy figuring out how to safely get her treat, without triggering any ancient traps.

Ragnar wrapped up in blankets that look like a shell

Hero in a half-shell!

Ragnar exploring what is is like to live in a shell (turtle power!)