Ragnar modelling his new batman collar


Not the hero we deserve, but the one we need…

Ragnar assessing if he can make the leap

Before the leap

Ragnar deciding if the jump up to the sofa is worthy of a kitten (spoiler… it was!)

Ragnar looking into the camera

Fruit Bat

Ragnar showing of his prospects as a part-time fruit-bat

Ragnar exploring the high ground by the window

It's over, he has the high ground

Ragnar exploring the high ground by the window (one of his frequent visits)

Ragnar tracking his feathered friend as it moves across the room


Ragnar tracking his feathered friend to see when he wants to pounce

Ragnar lounging on the sofa

Little beans (after his paws)

Ragnar lounging on the sofa after a successful survey of the area

Ragnar curled up, looking into the distance

What is the meaning of life?

Ragnar contemplating the meaning of life

Ragnar waking up from a nap

My stocks!

Ragnar waking from his nap, worried about his investment in cat-nip.

Ragnar having a snooze with his paw over his face

Please, no press

Ragnar is sick of all the paparazzi taking his photos

Ragnar sleeping on my keyboard

PhD research is boring when you are a Kitten

All that PhD talk has put Ragnar to sleep (I feel ya buddy…)

Ragnar looking at his feathered toy

Target spotted

Ragnar spots his feathered toy before play

Ragnar sleeping on the sofa

All tuckered out

Ragnar fell asleep on the sofa after finishing his survey of the living room

Ragnar curled up with his blanket and his teddy bear

Bat Life

Having a rest after a long day of chasing feathers on a stick

Ragnar in the process of attacking his fish toy

Move like a butterfly

Ragnar performing a ‘butterfly’ kick on his fish toy (where a cat uses its hind legs to attack)

Ragnar getting closer to his feathered toy


Ragnar deciding if its time to play

Ragnar Sleeping on a king-size bed

People beds are cat beds too!

Ragnar starfishing on a people bed

Ragnar asleep on the window, lying like a hot-dog

Hot... Dog?

Ragnar sleeping on the window, looking like a hot-dog

Ragnar between the sofa and the desk

Saying hello

Ragnar coming out from his hiding spot to say hello

Close-up photo of Ragnar after his nap

Post nap

Look into my eyes, you will feed me your finest kitten food.

Ragnar asleep mid play

Mid fight cat nap

Ragnar inspecting the inside of his eyelids during his play session

Ragnar looking at his new blue fish that has just appeared

A new challenger approaches

Ragnar weighs up his new opponent

Ragnar Sleeping with a teddy bear

Bear in the big blue house

Ragnar having a snuggle with their new friend

Ragnar curled up sleeping

Out for the count

Taking some well earned rest

Ragnar with his paw on my keyboard

Ragnar, PhD supervisor

Ragnar running a tight ship to make sure I start doing some research soon